“The Witcher” Season 2 Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 02, 2021

Darlings, the very pretty cast of The Witcher came out for the season two premiere. We don’t know most of them, so you can rest assured our judgments will be completely objective, in accordance with international bitchy blogger law.




Anna Shaffer in Stella McCartney

Personally, we’re not big on long trailing trains or capes on dresses with short skirts. It’s proportionally weird and it never fails to look like someone just tacked a big piece of fabric onto a fairly generic design in order to make it more dramatic. Strangely, we don’t hate this. The color looks great on her and we think her hair, which looks gorgeous, provides a little bit of balance to the proportions.



Anya Chalotra in JW Anderson

That’s a potentially interesting jacket, but the fit is off all over and the color is coming off a little harsh. So much would be improved by a well-tailored pair of pants that hit at the ankle.




Freya Allan in Versace

Oof. We’re sorry, but no. That trim makes the whole thing look very craftsy. It’s an okay dress otherwise, but the one element that gives it any interest is a pretty awful element.




Henry Cavill in Huntsman

He’s very pretty and the suit, while stuffy as hell, does look pretty fantastic on him. Both his shirt cuffs and the jacket itself are a little long on him.




Mecia Simson in La Metamorphose

Girlfriend wasn’t coming in subtle tonight and we respect that. The dress is just sort of okay, but she looks slammin’ in it, which is all that really matters here.




MyAnna Buring in Vintage

It’s a really cute dress. Love the neckline and the trim. You can tell it’s vintage because the sheer is subtle.





Paul Bullion in Richard Anderson

Great suit, great pocket square, great shoes, fantastic color story all around. It’s a perfect look for him – or it would be, if the shirt didn’t look like he fished it out from under the bed. Tsk. Finishing details, sir. Love your hair.




Therica Wilson-Read in Galvan London

The current decor trend for big red carpet events has been decidedly dark of late, and while there’s a million sort of obvious reasons as to why that might be so, we can only suggest that ladystars try and avoid all-black ensembles until this mood is lifted. It’s fine, but it’s not photographing well.



[Photo Credit: Cover Images/Instarimages.com, Instarimages.com]

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