Tessa Thompson Promotes “Passing” in Casablanca

Posted on December 16, 2021

Such is the fashion power wielded by Passing star Tessa Thompson that she can make us love a dress with two elements we normally hate: wonky hems and an overly cutesy thematic component.



We think the shoes made us love the whole look. They’re matchy in the extreme, but they’re so well-chosen and serve as such a forceful complement to the dress that they manage to balance the whole look out. That dress design is still a bit too much for us and the design could use some editing and rethinking* but we admire how good a job she’s doing at making it work.

* Class assignment: Discuss the various elements that could be reconsidered and how. The gradient color? The checks? The size of the card suit motif? The existence of the card suit motif? The hem?

Note: The correct answer is “All of the Above.”


Style Credits:
Casablanca Dress from the Fall 2021 ‘Grand Prix’ Collection
John FluevogAquila‘ Mary Jane Shoes

Styled by Wayman + Micah | Hair by Ted Gibson | Makeup by Emily Cheng


[Photo Credit: Wayman + Micah/Instagram/@waymanandmicah, Yannis Meynadier/Courtesy of Casablanca]

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