Chloë Moretz in Louis Vuitton at the “Mother/Android” Los Angeles Premiere

Posted on December 16, 2021

We briefly considered subjecting this to an IN or OUT vote, but we thought that might be too mean. Look, we’re just saying. You should be prepared. It’s … it’s not good, people. Then again, it’s Chloe Grace and it’s Louis Vuitton, so that’s kind of to be expected, if you follow such matters. Now, having set you all up…



We expect a vigorous defense to be mounted by some of you little contrarians out there. Fine. To each their own. Tastes differ. Everyone should express themselves. Yadda yadda yadda. That fringe is objectively terrible. It’s science.

But look, we’d almost certainly be disappointed to see Chloe Grace Moretz hitting a red carpet in something generic or forgettable. Weird shit is kind of her thing. It’s been over three years since she’s had a solo red carpet post on this site and for that (among other things), we will never forgive that bitch ‘rona. This is truly hideous to our eyes but believe us when we say we love to see it.








Style Credits:
Louis Vuitton Ensemble from the Spring 2022 Collection

Styled by Nell Kalonji


[Photo Credit: Collin Xavier/ABACA/, – Video Credit: Hulu/YouTube]

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