“Don’t Look Up” New York Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on December 06, 2021

It’s the premiere of Don’t Look Up, potentially the most obnoxious film of 2021! We already gave star Jennifer Lawrence the spotlight treatment, but it’s time to see how the rest of the cast and various attending stars did. We should warn you now, this one’s all over the map, from classic, to surprising, to complete clownwear. Come with us on a journey of judgment!



Ella Hunt

It’s cute, it’s sparkly, it’s sexy without being tryhard. It’s the perfect holiday party dress for a gal who doesn’t mind being a little chilly. We’re not sure the enhanced shoulder really works and we think we’d have liked a pump here, but she looks great. Now brace yourselves. The Funky-Ass Shoe portion of this post is about to commence.



Florence Pugh in Valentino

We laughed out loud. Girl, you have some of the absolute worst taste of any celebrity on the red carpet. It is officially official. We trained ourselves a long time ago not to resort to cheap streetwalker jokes when some starlet wears something sexy, but it’s hard not to see this as a very deliberate Lady of the Night Chic attempt. It just feels silly and obvious, made even more so by the completely wrong shoes. The coat and bag are great. They deserved better.




Jeremy Strong

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Pretentious and ridiculous.




Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady in Gucci

Couples in matching outfits is never, ever a good idea unless they’re at a Halloween party or in the military together. Besides, these toothpaste suits are kind of awful and the footwear looks silly.





Kid Cudi in Balenciaga

Here’s that attention you ordered. And now, a violent snap back to rigid normalcy:



Leonardo DiCaprio

This is deadly dull, but after the last few entries of cray, we don’t mind the brief respite.




Meryl Streep in Marc Jacobs

Why, Mary Louise. Look at you, all mod and winter-stylish. This is great. It doesn’t photograph all that well, but it’s stylish and checks off a lot of her preference boxes. We might have recommended boots, though.



Tyler Perry

Can’t argue with any of this. That coat’s a classic for a reason. We must have had a half dozen versions between us in the last couple of decades. Looking at this, we kinda want another one.




[Photo Credit: Hinton Jordan/ABACA/INSTARimages.com, John Nacion/Startraksphoto.Com]

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