“West Side Story” New York Premiere

Posted on November 30, 2021

The stars of West Side Story came out for the film’s premiere in high style and we can’t even begin to tell you how weird it feels to type that sentence. The first tricklings coming out are that Steven Spielberg and playwright Tony Kushner took some big swings and created a new classic. We can’t wait to see it. Anyway, let’s judge these folks.



Ansel Elgort

We were wondering how they were going to deal with his impossible-to-ignore involvement with this film given the sexual assault allegation against him and his near-invisibility since it was made on social media last year by a woman he claimed to have dated. Well, it appears they took him off the shelf, dusted him off, dressed him up, and hoped no one would ask too many questions. You almost never see men in tuxedos at regular old film premieres (as opposed to ones at, say, Cannes) anymore, so this feels like a pretty clear attempt to keep him as spiffy, conservative, and unreproachable as possible. Then again, he wasn’t the only one there dressed like he was in a wedding party.



Ariana DeBose in Michael Kors Collection

Well, there goes our oft-stated point that more women should wear Michael Kors on the red carpet, since he’s unlikely to ever steer them wrong. We don’t hate this design, although it’s really hard to look at any white lace ensemble and not think it looks a little bridal. This would be awesome for a beach wedding, we have to say. It’s just not doing it for us on a red carpet.



David Alvarez

Kinda love this, to be honest. We usually rail against black dress shirts and we think double-breasted jackets are too difficult to bother with for most men, but this suits him really well and we love the combination of beard and suit. It’s just working for us.



Mike Faist

It’s fine, we guess. We’re wondering if the cast wasn’t advised or directed to dress unusually formal. We could see Spielberg wanting it. Personally, we’d have advised an actor in their first big film role to dress a little flashier than this, but like we said, the theme appears to have been “wedding party” for most of them.



Rachel Zegler in Dior Couture

It’s a lovely design that whisper-screams “ingenue,” which makes it perfect for her and the occasion. This is her debutante coming out, more or less. But we just can’t get behind that dingy color.



Rita Moreno in Michael Kors Collection

Spectacular, but that’s no surprise. She’s been professionally spectacular longer than most of the earth’s population has been alive. We interviewed her about eleven or so years ago (we will always drop this fact shamelessly but so would you) and were utterly charmed and struck by her razor-sharpness, of course. But it’s really interesting and gratifying to see someone who only talked to us back then because she wasn’t doing much in her career have such a relatively unexpected career upswing at nearly ninety. Here she is, working a prestige film red carpet with Steven Spielberg and securing her place that much more firmly in film history. We couldn’t be happier for her.



[Photo Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for 20th Century Studios, Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for 20th Century Studios, Roy Rochlin/Getty Images North America]

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