Paul Rudd Named People’s 2021 Sexiest Man Alive

Posted on November 10, 2021


Paul Rudd is now officially the Sexiest Man Alive according to an internationally recognized panel of experts. We suspect there are many people who unofficially and silently crowned him with this honor years if not decades ago. We have no need to argue with this choice and we extend our condolences to Michael B. Jordan, who has had his official Sexiest Man Alive status stripped from him. He is only sexy now.

As for the current king, we have to admit we were a little surprised to see his publicity team going for this at first. He’s always been a bit bashful about his own eternal boyfriend status and his entire career has been structured so as to mostly avoid falling into the trap of becoming a romantic leading man or sex symbol. When he did play the romantic roles or the hero roles, it was always with a shrug and a sense of self-deprecation; part of the reason he’s so beloved. We suspect this seemingly uncharacteristic embrace of his own good looks is partially because he’s currently doing his best to not look adorably Paul Rudd in The Shrink Next Door, which seemed to signal a willingness to look his age on camera and not rely on his innate charm. In other words, he’s aging into character roles but staking a claim to retain his leading man status. This might seem out of character for him at first glance, but it’s exactly how he’s managed his entire career.









[Photo Credit: – Video Credit: People/YouTube]

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