LACMA Art + Film Gala: Elle Fanning in Gucci

Posted on November 08, 2021

As you may have noted from our previous post, the LACMA Art + Film Gala is back after a pandemic-imposed hiatus and we couldn’t be more thrilled to see this pre-awards season high-fashion celebrity perennial return to our lives. Gucci hosted the event, which means that the red carpet was filled to the brim with a lot of super-cray fashion. Miss Elle took the opportunity to expand her fashion horizons a little bit.


Well, it’s official now. The “pretty princess in pastels” drag has been well and truly dropped. Not that she hasn’t had these sorts of severe high-fashion moments in the past, but this truly feels like a corner being turned on her style evolution. It’s not just that it’s black or just that it’s sheer or just that it’s body-baring. But the combination of those elements and the much more grownup styling feels declarative somehow.

We love this look. We realize there’s a lot to it and some might find it a bit overwrought as a design. There’s something to that, but it’s just so dramatic. We could’ve done without the side cutouts, but we love that sleeve design and the sequined flower is exactly the right amount of glitter and color to bring some glamour and pop to the look. We love the slightly severe makeup and we think she can handle a lot of slap when she wants to, but it does border on being a bit over-applied. That’s some drag-level cheek contouring.


Style Credits:
Gucci Black Chiffon Gown with Cutout Detailing and Floral Appliqué

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Hair by Jenda | Makeup by Kate Synnott


[Photo Credit: Media Punch/, Abaca/]

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