American Music Awards 2021: BTS Keeps it Fashion

Posted on November 22, 2021

Those stylish BTS boys made history, served fashion, and were smooth as butter at the America Music Awards. None of this is surprising, of course.



The group made history by being the first Asian act to win the Artist of the Year Award. As for the fashion, it’s self-evident, we would think.


We’ve said before that if we had to peg the two most clear influences on their style are the early Beatles and the Jackson Five. They play with matchiness among the group while never being entirely matchy and they bounce back and forth between high-fashion menswear and flamboyant stagewear as the occasion, song or mood demands. Here, they’re all in suits from the Louis Vuitton Spring 2022 collection (always sporting the absolute latest) and while the color story and silhouettes match throughout, every member puts his own spin on the look. Collectively, they look great, but we still don’t love those split hems and belted jackets LV’s been doing.


They performed their song “Butter” and bless their hearts, these guys are never not on theme. When their unified in a vivid color like this, they tend to vary their styles a bit more, so the silhouettes and textiles are very different across the board. Notice how every one of them is sporting a different neckline and every jacket is distinct. That kind of coordination, resulting in uniformity and individuality in equal measure, is extremely hard to pull off — and they do it routinely.


Style Credits:
First Look: Louis Vuitton Ensembles from the Spring 2022 Menswear Collection
Second Look: TBA


[Photo Credit: ABC]

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