American Music Awards 2021: Host Cardi B Puts on a Fashion Show

Posted on November 22, 2021

Cardi B hosted the American Music Awards and used the time to put on quite the fashion show, as is the tradition.*


*See: Lo, J. 2015, Ellis-Ross, Tracee. 2017, Ellis-Ross, Tracee 2018, Henson, Taraji P. 2020 et al



Christian Siriano

This is the most conservative look of the night and if we had to apply some sort of through line or meaning here, we think her choices tell a bit of a story about her, intentionally or not. Call it The Many Sides of Cardi B. This is her conventionally glamorous, traditional entertainer vibe.




Schiaparelli Couture

This is her “I wish to not be perceived or I will rip you to shreds with my talons,” aka Dark Bride, aka “No Mask No Service” vibe. Perhaps not surprisingly, we ADORE this. Fuck up the red carpet, Cardi B.




Alexandre Vauthier Couture

SHOWGIRL TIME! What’s not to love here?




Schiaparelli Couture

Between the mullet, the cone bust and the oversized denim, this must be the 1990s Edition of the Cardi B fashion doll collection. We also love this, but you should just go ahead and assume we’re always going to cheer when some star wears the weird Schiaparelli stuff.




Jean-Louis Sabaji Couture

The drag side of Miss B, of course. Pure eleganza. Feather shoulders and a crystal chandelier for a bust. Condragulations, you are this week’s winner.




Louis Vuitton

Space Queen, Cardi, of course. On a throne of LV luggage because … well… of course. Love the tights. The sleeve effect is interesting, but it’s purely for the stage.



Jean Paul Gaultier

This is a gorgeous dress with a gigantic clown face in the center of it, so we guess this is her comedy queen vibe or something. We tend to think it works against the design, but that’s just us. And finally, the most obvious Cardi B vibe of them all:




Miss Sohee Couture

Goddess. We’re surprised it’s relatively low-key, but it’s very much in her diva wheel house. The hood is really strange, though, It almost looks like an oversized blonde wig, although we have a hard time believing that’s deliberate.





Style Credits:
Styled by Kollin Carter
[Photo Credit: ABC, Kevin Winter/Getty Images for MR]

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