American Music Awards 2021: Bad Bunny in Entire Studios

Posted on November 22, 2021

Okay, we love this. You have permission to go ahead and call us crazy. Just this once, though.



We have notes; don’t worry. First, it all really only works: a) on him, and b) when he’s wearing the puffer. His hair, those shades, the necklaces – it all really works in a way that’s obviously youthful and modern when paired with the odd proportions and color of that jacket. From the waist down, it all looks a little too much like hospital scrubs, so we’re less inclined to love it when the jacket goes away, even if the second pair of shades are more interesting. Still, his style is so distinct and so well-chosen that we almost always swoon a little over it.



Style Credits:
Entire Studios ‘Soa’ Puffer
Voa Collective sunglasses

Styled by La Tormenta

[Photo Credit: ABC, Courtesy of Entire Studios]

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