Kit Harington in Fendi and Louis Vuitton at the “Eternals” Rome Photocall and Premiere

Posted on October 25, 2021

Mr. Happy Pants is back!

Look, we’re happy for the guy that he’s got a new franchise and evidently has put all his post-Game of Thrones anxiety behind him, but Kit Harrington never was the most dynamic or interesting presence on any red carpet. In nearly every picture, he looks like he’s watching something really unpleasant happening in the distance.




Disgraceful. That is a fucking Fendi suit, sir. We realize that a photo call isn’t a particularly formal event (despite how dressed up Angelina and Gemma got for it), but it’s an absolute crime against humanity to pair a Hanes undershirt with the finest in Italian suiting. We are tsking most vociferously right now.

Having gotten all that out of our systems…




It’s time to give him some credit. We’re not total bitches, after all. We don’t particularly like the belted jacket, but we appreciate that he tried something a little off the beaten path, even if a lot of guys have been wearing similar looks on the red carpet in recent months. Still, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to try out a little trendiness, especially if you tend to treat red carpets and wearing high fashion as if you’re having a root canal done. We’d like this more if the suit didn’t look so bulky, the belt was roughly half the length it is here, and the pants didn’t have that slight flare and slits at the bottom.



Style Credits:
First Look: Fendi Suit
Second Look: Louis Vuitton Ensemble from the Spring 2022 Collection

Styled by Nausheen Shah


[Photo Credit: Elisabetta Villa/Getty Images for Marvel, IPA/]

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