Venice Film Festival: Cynthia Erivo in Versace at the “Parallel Mothers” Premiere

Posted on September 02, 2021

We adored Cynthia’s wildly over-styled Tory Burch getup on yesterday’s Venice red carpet, but the consensus among the commentariat seemed to be that she needed to edit a few things out of the look. We admit, sometimes her “too much is never enough” approach to fashion can be a little wearying over time, but we really do love when a ladystar truly indulges in all of the luxury at her beck and call. If you’ve got people throwing diamonds and couture at you for your job, why go demure?

Anyway, to those who thought she went a little too far last time, she’s come out in something positively stripped-back by comparison:


That positively minimalist coming from Cynthia Erivo (and Versace, for that matter). She looks spectacular.



Style Credits:
– Custom Versace Silver Metallic Gown
Robert Coin Jewelry

Styled by Jason Bolden | Makeup by Sam Fine


[Photo Credit: Ipa/, Alberto Terenghi/IPA/]

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