Rebecca Ferguson in Chanel Couture at the “Dune” Paris Premiere: IN or OUT?

Posted on September 07, 2021


In a way, we feel a little sorry for Rebecca Ferguson. She’s one of those actresses who got handed a double-edged sword in her career: a star-making turn in an outfit that became instantly iconic (the yellow gown the wore in Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation) which produced such an indelible image of her that no real-world ensemble could possibly live up to it. We always expect her to produce high-impact fashion moments like that one and while that’s clearly not very fair (we know better than most that a stylist and a costume designer are two entirely different professions with entirely different goals), we can’t help but be a little disappointed by a look like this one:






It’s certainly not a terrible dress, although it’s very much not to our tastes. The only part of the design we object to is the sheer yoke and bodice, which look terrible combined with that ruffle. It’s just that the overall design is not, in our opinion, the best one for her. Maybe she really has a thing for this sort of softness in her style, but she’s much better working items that have a little edge and a lot of impact.

Having said that, we know it’s not entirely fair to critique a look based on what you’d prefer to see the person wear, so we’re tossing the final call on this one over to y’all:

Rebecca Ferguson’s Frilly Frock:

IN or OUT? 



Style Credits:
Chanel Off-the-shoulder Dress with Crystal-embellished Belt from the Spring 2020 Couture Collection

Styled by Kate Young | Hair by Alain Pichon | Makeup by Emma Lovell


[Photo Credit: ABACA/,]

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