Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth on the Set of “And Just Like That”

Posted on August 02, 2021

The most annoying couple in New York history has FINALLY been spotted together as Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth try to bring the ol’ “Carrie and Big” spark back. They do not seem thrilled to see each other, to no one’s surprise who ever saw them together for more than ten minutes.


It’s nice to know that some things remain consistent, we suppose. Like Carrie’s absolutely horrendous history with hats. We remain unsure as to whether SJP’s costuming is supposed to rekindle that old quirky Carrie style or whether it’s parodying it. The dress and shoes are fab, but the hat and bag turn the whole ensemble slightly obnoxious.

Edited to add: There seems to be some confusion going around about this, but it’s perfectly clear to us that they’re both in character, rehearsing a scene. They’re standing on marks with a camera in the background while holding scripts in their hands. Noth is not making a phone call in the middle of a shooting set. The actors aren’t pissed at each other; their characters are.


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