Cannes 2021: Andie MacDowell in Prada and Atelier Versace

Posted on July 08, 2021


All anyone seems to be talking about at Cannes this week is Andie MacDowell’s hair. Granted, her hair has been known to spark conversation going back three decades or more. It’s always been her defining feature and she never gave into the idea that a mature woman should tame her tresses as she gets older. But what’s really got tongues wagging on several continents is the fact that she’s sporting both her wild trademark curls and her natural gray color at the same time. On the red carpet. In high-end fashion. Like she’s not ashamed or anything. Can you even imagine?




To be fair, she really does look spectacular. We don’t think a female celebrity’s choice not to cover her gray hair should be making international headlines, but as we noted, it’s been her trademark for years so people are bound to express an opinion on it. We think part of what makes it notable is that she’s making that rare move of allowing herself to sport more of a salt-and-pepper gray than waiting until she has a full head of silver to unveil on the world (which is how most mature ladystars tend to transition to their natural gray).




Combined with the wildness of it and the gorgeous gowns she’s sported this week, it gives off a fairly noteworthy sort of refusal to be slotted into any one box or role. The result is a mature, earthy sexiness combined with some fairly high-glamour fashion, making for a look that turns heads and spawns think pieces and headlines. That’s how a true star does it.


First Look: Prada Crystal and Glass-embellished Satin Gown
Second Look: Atelier Versace One-shoulder Sequin-embellished Gown

Styled by Marc Eram | Hair by Stephane Lancien | Makeup by Val Garland


[Photo Credit: DDP/, Simone Comi/IPA/]

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