Pop Style Opinionfest: Britney’s Bombshell and Why Carl Nassib’s Coming Out Matters

Posted on June 25, 2021

Ooooh, GIRL. Did you want to hear every single though we have regarding two of the biggest culture stories of the week? Well you’re in luck, because we have a podcast!



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What did we think of Las Vegas Raider defensive end Carl Nassib’s coming out? Why do we think it’s more important than seemingly everyone but him seems to realize? What are our thoughts on his political affiliations? We spill ALL the tea, honey. We have things to get off our manly chests and some of them aren’t particularly kind to how the queer community handles diversity within its ranks.

What did we think of Britney Spears’ shocking testimony in her plea to have her conservatorship dissolved? Why do we consider this one of the biggest and potentially most important celebrity scandals of all time? What does this mean for Britney and how does this indict the larger culture, if not the laws that have kept her in servitude? Well, we’ll tell ya.





And finally (or actually, first), we scratched our heads in confusion over AMC’s Kevin Can F*** Himself, although one of us feels like he gets it and the other one feels like it makes no sense at all.


All that PLUS we bitch and moan about how busy we are, like a couple of obnoxious jamokes! How do you kittens ever put up with us?


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