Melissa Barrera in Dundas at the “In The Heights” World Premiere

Posted on June 10, 2021

One of our fave things, as two bitches who’ve been carrying on the work of Joan Rivers for some time now, is watching a new or rising star get a big, splashy, fashion-filled career moment of which they take full and glorious advantage. We’re always ready for a new face on the red carpet (especially if said face is hanging off a person who knows and/or loves fashion), and it’s fun to learn new things about a person’s style preferences, WERQ skills, and potential risks. In other words, there’s a new player in the arena and she bears watching. As for what we’ve learned about Miss Melissa, between this and her eye-popping leopard print getup of the other day…


…it’s clear this lady can work the hell out of a brilliant green.




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You know, not to drop immediately to the floor (so to speak), but we think we’re enjoying the return of platforms to the red carpet. We know they can be a little risky and can go either way depending on the outfit and the design of the shoe, but goddamn those minimalist af naked sandals were the most boring footwear choice in the world — and every female celebrity wore them religiously for a good five years there.

This dress is not for amateurs or dilettantes, that’s for sure. We tend to think it either works spectacularly or winds up being impossible to pull off, with the latter being the likelier outcome. Between the color and the cutouts, there’s a lot for any wearer to handle in order to come off as flawless as possible in photos. It’s possible we’ve buried the lede here, but we think she looks fricking amazing. From the hair to the pedicure, we have not one quibble or complaint. We like how the eye makeup and earrings are just bold enough to meet the dress but not so bold as to look like they’re fighting with it. Just a really well coordinated look, perfectly executed, on exactly the right person for it.



Style Credits:
Dundas Emerald Green Jersey Gown with Waist Cutouts and Crystal Detailing

Styled by Penny Lovell | Hair by Clayton Hawkins | Makeup by Talia Sparrow


[Photo Credit: StarPix/Dave Allocca for Warner Bros. Studios, Clayton Hawkins/Instagram,]

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