“Promising Young Woman” Star Carey Mulligan in Markarian on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”

Posted on April 09, 2021

Once again, we obnoxiously and delusionally lay claim to a star’s style improvements. Nature is healing, everyone.

We have been mildly critical or only faintly complimentary regarding most of her semi or virtually public awards track style choices. We think it’s perfectly fine if she’s not a fashiony sort of person or doesn’t think her appearance should be the focus of her promotional work, which is our vague impression of her. And to be fair, her choices of late have been elegant and chic, which says to us she’s not opposed to good fashion that suits her preferences. But her tastes tended toward the rather colorless and generic in the last few months. Pretty, elegant gowns or dresses that you forget immediately. Everyone should be true to themselves in this game, but when you look at, for instance, how Viola Davis has been navigating these same waters with a series of bright, bold, statement-making looks, we just want to gently encourage any nominee to bump things up just a skosh. It doesn’t have to be weird or trendy or uncomfortable to wear. But if it makes any sort of impact, it’s a good thing.


This is a really good thing. We hope she’s comfy, because a strapless velvet near-gown is definitely a commitment for a talk show set. We love it. It’s cute and fun without being too fussy (straplessness aside). We think she probably does like fashion. We think you’d have to in order to pick a dress with crystal fireworks on it. And she’s certainly worn memorable looks in her past (she made it to our top ten best dressed list of 2012 with her glittering Prada at the Met Gala that year). Maybe the darkness of this role or the early clap-back against a male critic who seemed to have an issue with her looks in the movie made her think a more subdued approach is best for her. Whatever the reasons for the low-key styles choices this past year, we’re just happy to see something this fun and memorable. It’s a really cute dress.









Style Credits:
Markarian ‘Elara’ Crystal Fireworks Velvet Strapless Dress from the Fall 2021 Collection


[Photo Credit: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC, Courtesy of Markarian, markarian.com – Video Credit: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon via YouTube]

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