Oscars 2021: Lakeith Stanfield in Saint Laurent

Posted on April 27, 2021

We’ve already declared our favorite menswear look of this year’s Oscars, but we won’t claim it was an easy choice to make. That alone is kind of amazing. In the decade-plus we’ve been covering the Oscars, we could’ve counted on one hand the number of truly memorable menswear looks. Most years, we’d single out a Chalamet or a Boseman and then just do one rundown post, trying to find discussable details in an endless array of basic men’s formalwear. Butlers and penguins. Not that we have anything against the classic men’s tux. Done right (which is to say, impeccably), it’s a look that’ll instantly make any man, regardless of size, shape or age, look his best. It’s the LBD of menswear, which is to say, it always works, but that same quality makes it a little dull for a red carpet.

But this is just spectacular to see:



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What’s so great about this is that it’s not a twist on the tux. The only things it borrows from it are the classic color scheme and the high quality of the textile and tailoring. But the shape is pure 1970s dandyism, which is something we’ve been begging to see return for some time now. When the men at the 2020 Oscars look barely distinguishable from the men at the 1930 Oscars, that’s a clear sign that menswear has been stalled for a long time. And as we’ve noted when discussing game-changers like Chadwick Boseman and Leslie Odom, Jr., there’s a pretty strong argument to be made that stylish, accomplished Millennial Black men are a lot less likely to want to dress in styles that were literally designed a century ago for ruling-class white men.

We’re not naive enough to declare this some sort of watershed moment in menswear, but you’ll pardon us if we silently cheer the prospect on. Everyone’s wondering what the predicted Roaring Twenties 2.0 is going to look like and we think all the signs in fashion are pointing toward a moment of change very similar to the seventies. So many women are declaring their disinterest in returning to bras and heels after 14 months in much more comfortable options. Is it so much to hope that the guys might be willing to entertain a shift away from dressing like their great-grandfathers?

Anyway, he looks spectacular and the tailoring on this is exquisite. We just wish the hem was a little bit higher.


Style Credits:
Saint Laurent Black Belted Jumpsuit Paired with a White Shirt from the Spring 2021 Collection

Styled by Julie Ragolia


[Photo Credit: Campbell Addy, Julie Ragolia/Instagram]

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