Bill and Cathy Cambridge Visit Various Organizations in Durham

Posted on April 27, 2021

Let’s take a short break from all the formal gownery and jaw-dropping menswear of the Oscars to check in on Bill and Cathy, just regular folk.


It’s never a bad idea to put Cathy in her beloved skinny jeans and boots to send her off to be photographed with children and cute animals, surrounded by the English countryside. It’s a never-fail PR move. We haven’t seen them looking so coordinated in some time. She used to dress the entire family in matching colors, but since Louis came along, she’s loosened up on that practice a bit.

If you’re into royal-watching, this is such a weird time for the family. People talk about the Diana years as the height of monarchy-in-crisis talk, but we can’t recall a time when the institution seemed to be wading through so many challenging public relations issues at once, from Phillip’s death to the Harry and Meghan fallout, to the Queen’s rumored semi-retirement, to Andrew and, well…being Andrew and all. You’ve gotta figure the courtiers and press relations teams are on hyperdrive at the moment. Every public appearance seems so much more weighted.

We should just make it clear here that we’re talking about public perception. We have no insights on how the family feels about any of this.




[Photo Credit: Owen Humphreys/PA Images/]

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