Carrie Underwood in Iris Van Herpen Couture at the Latin American Music Awards 2021: IN or OUT?

Posted on April 16, 2021

Look, everyone, look! A real celebrity is on a real red carpet wearing a real high-end kinda gown! We’re positively dizzy over here! Which is not, by the way, why we’re turning the voting on this one over to you. We’re perfectly full of opinions on the matter and have no problem expressing them, which shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone who’s anyone.


The aforementioned opinions: First, we think it’s great she’d pick a designer as outside-the-box and difficult-to-wear as Iris van Herpen. You need some serious fashion chops to pull her designs off. But it should be noted that, as van Herpens go, this is probably one of the easiest we’ve seen. Third, we really love the color story here. She tends to go for neutrals, shimmer, or Barbie pinks a lot, but the richness of these colors really pop on her and she should consider going jewel tone more often. Fourth, the design of the bodice is … not our favorite thing in the world. Love the hand jewelry, though!

Anyway, we feel compelled to turn any true red carpet look over to our longest running style feature, the “In or Out” vote, so let’s hear your thoughts, kittens:

Carrie Underwood’s Big van Herpen Swing:

IN or OUT? 




Style Credits:
Iris Van Herpen Off-the-shoulder Gown with Cutout Detailing from the Spring 2019 Couture Collection


[Photo Credit: Aaron Davidson/Telemundo/NBCU,]

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