Golden Globes 2021: “The Mauritanian” Star Jodie Foster in Prada

Posted on March 02, 2021

This seems to be the week for us to use the “gays of a certain age” designation, but as prime examplars of such, we have to say how gratifying and satisfying it is to see a Jodie Foster who’s fully herself and relaxed in the public eye. We would never make assumptions as to the quality of her life before she publicly affirmed her long-rumored gayness. She came to her public coming out awkwardly and a bit reluctantly; openly confused as to why a truth she had long lived in her private life needed to be declared to a public that has sometimes been downright threatening to her. Like so many Gen-X gays, we wanted to see her declare what everyone understood to be true in order to help banish the idea that living an open queer life is something that should be considered too private to acknowledge. The point in the push to get Jodie to come out, harsh as it may seem now, was to get as many high-profile stars to do the same at a time when there were far fewer examples in the public eye. As we said, we’d never claim to know her level of happiness and fulfillment before her coming out, but it is wonderful to see her now, so relaxed, open, and clearly happy in her life.



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It’s not just wonderful that she has a wife she loves and that she can express that love openly; it’s how amazingly relaxed she is about the openness, after many decades of having a fraught and tense relationship with the public. We’re so happy for her. All this and style too.

As glad as we are to have seen so many high-end fashion efforts at the Golden Globes this year, we’d never ding anyone for serving up a stylish form of loungewear. These Prada pajamas look amazing on her, with just the right amount of jewelry and hair and makeup work to give the look a sense of casual formality, if that makes sense. She looks gorgeous and she looks happy. All the best, Jodie.


Style Credits:
Prada Topazio Silk Twill Printed Pajama
Neil Lane Jewelry

Styled by Samantha McMillen | Make up by Brett Freedman


[Photo Credit: BrettGlam/Instagram, Courtesy of Prada, ]

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