Viola Davis Presents Short Documentary “Invisible No More” in Alex Perry

Posted on February 15, 2021


Miss Viola suits up boldly and makes the unworkable look effortless. We missed covering this last week, but it’s such a great look we can’t let it go by without recognizing, even if we are late to that game.








Generally speaking, we’re not in favor of adding huge flounces or trains or other such ballgown-style frippery to pants or suits. Let pants be pants, we say. Sometimes. Okay, maybe just that one time. Our point is that dramatic flourishes look great on ballgowns, but if you put them on a standard pantsuit, the results are often extremely questionable. Here, it looks amazing. We’re not sure what magic is making this work, but we think it might come down to the single, bold color and the fact that Viola’s so well-suited to it. The fit is flawless and her hair looks amazing. Just a perfect look all around.











Style Credits:
Alex Perry Satin Crepe Drape Blazer and Pleat Pant from the Fall 2020 Collection

Styled by Elizabeth Stewart | Hair by Jamika Wilson | Makeup by Autumn Moultrie


[Photo Credit: Elizabeth Stewart/Instagram, Courtesy of Alex Perry – Video Credit: Austin Kellerman via YouTube]

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