The Weeknd in Givenchy at Super Bowl LV

Posted on February 08, 2021

The Weeknd kept the bandages at home but stuck to a slightly more glam version of his signature look for an almost admirably odd, if weirdly low-key Super Bowl halftime show.








He’s been sporting some version of this look almost exclusively since his “After Hours” album dropped last year. Along with his little long-form performance-art thing where he pretended to be recovering from multiple cosmetic surgeries as a commentary on the shallowness of celebrity culture, the choice to rigidly stick to a red jacket/black shirt/black gloves costume always felt to us like a deliberately generic “pop star” sort of outfit. Like a minimalist version of Michael Jackson. Which is probably why it never felt like a particularly fresh or modern look. It’s fine, of course. But you could put this entire ensemble on a seventy-year-old former pop star and it wouldn’t look remotely strange on him. But like we said, there’s good reason to believe that this outfit looking appropriate on Barry Manilow or Barry Gibb is probably at least partially the point of it.


Style Credits:
Givenchy Custom Hand-embroidered Jacket, Skinny Tie, Signature G Buckle Belt and Bitonal Shoes


[Stills: NFL via Tom and Lorenzo – Photo Credit: Courtesy of Givenchy – Video Credit: NFL via YouTube]

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