Maya Rudolph & Natasha Lyonne in Conversation for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine

Posted on February 01, 2021

Maya Rudolph and Natasha Lyonne on Shedding the Bullshit of Hollywood for Harper’s Bazaar’s February 2021 issue photographed by Daria Kobayashi Ritch and styled by Savannah White.







Maya Rudolph on thriving in a community setting: “Over the years, I’ve learned that I thrive in a community setting. I’m better for it, I learn more from it. I think there’s a natural inclination that women have to create community. There are men in my life and in my community, but the female relationships that I’ve had for so many years, that have kept me very filled, they are wells that I continue to go to. Thank God for text chains. I have these text chains that really give me life and keep me grounded. They are safe places to vent and ask questions, and say: ‘Did you make this mistake? Because I just made one.’ Or: ‘Does anyone have any jokes? Because I have to host this thing tomorrow. They’ve written the corniest things for me to say.’”

Rudolph on weeding out the bullshit: “But I think at a certain point in life, if you’ve lived for a little while, luckily, then you also get tired of bullshit, and it’s important to weed that out. I have less patience for it and I have less room for it. I cheated my way to the place of shedding bullshit by having a child. It’s a really direct line to getting to what’s important. I don’t know that I would have been able to personally do that on my own without following that trajectory.”

Natasha Lyonne on her friends & the community she has built: “The truth is, of course, that the real reason, at least for me, of this company is I just wanted to spend more time in this life with you in a substantive way. I remember the early days, we were like, ‘Oh, shit, we really have a reason to talk on the phone every day now.’ Nothing brings me more joy, in the same way that I’m sure you have with Amy [Poehler] and Tina [Fey] and [Rachel] Dratch, like a Wine Country, or for me it’s like getting to do my show, Russian Doll, with Chloë [Sevigny]. It’s all these excuses we come up with to find ways to spend time with the people we love the most.”

Lyonne on her idea of success: “I’m not interested in individual success. It feels much more like a setup for a head trip; it’s isolating. There’s something about the idea of being able to celebrate success as a community that is really fun. I don’t want to be alone in it, I want to be part of the group. I really enjoy the idea that we’re making something together.”


This article originally appears in the February 2021 issue of Harper’s BAZAAR, available on newsstands February 2.


Style Credits:
Image 1: On Lyonne (left): Saint Laurent Blouse and Trousers | Jennifer Fisher Hoops. On Rudolph: Saint Laurent Blouse and Trousers. On both: Manolo Blahnik Pumps
Image 2: Simone Rocha Ball Dress | Irene Neuwirth Earrings
Image 3: Gucci Shirt, Skirt, Hat, and Boots | Wolford Tights

Hair by Caile Noble (Lyonne) and John D (Rudolph)
Makeup by Molly R. Stern
Nails by Ronna Jones


[Photo Credit: Daria Kobayashi Ritch for Harper’s Bazaar Magazine]

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