Kerry Washington for the Inaugural Celebration in Adeigbo

Posted on January 21, 2021

Miss Kerry introduced one or two of the acts on last night’s celebrity inaugural cornfest and her brown-and-blue plaid suit really jumped off the screen at us.



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Part of the reason it stood out is because it wasn’t really a day for plaids and because if you say “brown and blue plaid suit,” the image that swims into your mind is probably a whole lot less fabulous than this. It sounds terrible, but it looks great. Loved the coordinating eyeshadow (believed it or not) and the nail art is fun, but we don’t understand those booties at all – unless she just put them on because they’d never appear on camera, but then why would you put them on for the ‘gram? Strange footwear choices aside, this is a great look for her – and we really appreciate that she didn’t try and do some sort of Olivia Pope cosplay, even though the temptation must have been high.

Style Credits:
Adeigbo ‘Alyssa’ Blue and Brown Plaid Suit
Aurate Jewelry
AGL Shoes


[Photo Credit: Kerry Washington/Instagram,]

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