Yara Shahidi in JW Anderson at the Trumpet Awards

Posted on December 15, 2020

It occurs to us that we have not fully explored how much red carpet excellence was denied us in this year of our woes 2020. Here comes Miss Yara, suddenly reminding us that we have seen distressingly few of her style choices this year, which makes us think of all the Cates and Tildas, Gals and Lupitas, Saoirses and Yaras and Gagas, Elles and Janelles that didn’t step out to dazzle us. Let’s all sigh wistfully for a moment.

Okay, moment’s up. Let’s assess:


Honestly? It’s a little weird, but we kinda love it. Or the idea of it, anyway. We tend to think suit-dress hybrids never truly work and this attempt hasn’t really changed our minds on the matter. But the design is interesting and comes close to resolving the idea. The volume of the sleeves is echoed well in the volume and design of the half-skirt (we’re calling it that because we don’t have another word for whatever that should be called). It’s the textile choice and color that lets the design down. Had it been rendered in black, we think it may have worked better. Still, she looks gorgeous and she has a knack for working the odd. This certainly qualifies as that.


Style Credits:
JW Anderson Black Suit with Draped Panels from the Spring 2021 Collection
Mateo Jewelry

Styled by Jason Bolden | Hair by Keri Shahidi | Makeup by Emily Cheng


[Photo Credit: ABC, Yara Shahidi/Instagram, Courtesy of JW Anderson]

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