WERQ From Home: “The Prom” Star Kerry Washington in Frame

Posted on December 10, 2020

Ryan Murphy’s big, gay, star-studded musical The Prom drops on Netflix tomorrow, which will no doubt inspire much discussion on our podcast. One of those stars studding the proceedings is Miss Kerry herself, who took the occasion to wear quite the head-turning look. Is that a backhanded comment on our parts? You tell us:


Actually, we’ll tell you, since it’s our names on top. We don’t really love this in a practical sense and by that we mean it doesn’t come off like something that works in any version of the real world. A brown leather shirt? Maybe. Brown leather culottes? Very unlikely. Both at the same time? Newp.

We’ll say this: it’s a very editorial sort of look, which is why we mostly don’t mind it in these highly posed shots. Her hair looks amazing and we love the boots, which are extremely on trend at the moment. If she were walking into a talk show studio or wearing this on a red carpet, we think we’d likely be a lot harsher, but given the setting and the need to really stand out in it, we have to respect how well she’s working this.

Okay, NOW you can tell us.


Style Credits:
Frame Borwn Leather Shirt and Culottes from the Fall 2020 Collection
Schutz ‘Maryana’ Boot


[Photo Credit: Kerry Washington/Instagram, Courtesy of Frame, schutz-shoes.com]

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