“Promising Young Woman” Director Emerald Fennell and Star Carey Mulligan Cover Variety Magazine

Posted on December 10, 2020

“Promising Young Woman” director Emerald Fennell and leading actress Carey Muligan cover the latest issue of Variety magazine photographed by Zoe McConnell.



Fennell: “I have always been quite interested in morality tales. In terms of the way it was shot, there are lots of parts of it almost touching on Greek tragedy — Cassie as the avenging angel who comes and offers redemption or punishment. And it’s ultimately, for me, a film about forgiveness, but that people only get forgiveness if they admit wrongdoing. She’s called Cassandra as a kind of nod to the original Cassandra.”

Mulligan: “‘Promising Young Woman’ exists in its own genre, and that role is so unique. I felt like definitely I wanted to be a part of something contemporary that was an original idea and not an adaptation, as much as I love those. I’ve been resistant to playing characters that are just the wife or the girlfriend, and I’ve avoided that fairly consistently so far. You can still understand a character and go with them on their journey even if you don’t approve of them or feel totally comfortable.”


[Photo Credit: Zoe McConnell for Variety Magazine]

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