Friday Leftovers for the Week of December 13th 2020

Posted on December 18, 2020


OOooooh, girl! We should warn you now: this week’s leftovers post is chock full of looks that not only didn’t rate the spotlight, but might have gotten totally trashed by us if we devoted more than fifty words to them. We’re thrilled to see celebritykind stepping up their fashion efforts as this hellyear closes, but that doesn’t mean every lewk was worth the effort. Onward! To JUDGMENT!



AnnaSophia Robb in Brock Collection

These retro-prairie styles only work for us if they have some sort of oomph to them. Both the design and the print are kind of underwhelming for promo pictures.



Gabrielle Union-Wade ion Alix and Nanushka

We’ve been pretty okay with the collective ladystar turn toward leather this year. The times call for a little hardness and kickassedness, after all. And these sorts of looks make a nice counter to the retro-romantic styles like the previous look above. Having said all that – and in full recognition that Miss Gabrielle’s been crushing it lately on the ‘gram – we have to say we really hate this. Those pants might have some potential, but not with that top or those boots, we’re afraid.



Gwen Stefani in Charbel Zoe

The skirt is kind of fun, but the bodice is heinous.



John Legend

John, it’s okay to go up a size; preferred, even.



Katy Perry in Cong Tri

There’s not enough of a view of the dress to assess properly, but we love the Bettie Page wig and the leather accessories.



Keke Palmer in Alexander Wang

Cute dress, killer heels. No, really. She could literally kill a man with those heels.



Kelly Clarkson in Zuhair Murad

We think it might have been better without the cape or the belt (?) or the trim at the neckline, but the overall shape is nice. Would not have recommended a print like that for television, though.



Kristen Bell in Dorothee Schumacher

Tucking a matching turtleneck into those pants was certainly a choice – a choice that we hereby DENOUNCE.



Kristen Bell in Bouguessa

A wildly overcomplicated dress helped by a pretty color and some judicious posing.



Regina King in Salvatore Ferragamo

Miss Regina, you’re fabulous, but this is a classic case of “Either the top OR the bottom.”



Tessa Thompson in Chanel

This isn’t the best possible pose for assessing this outfit and that may just have been a savvy choice on her part. We want to scream and yell about her bra hanging out from the side cutouts, but that has more to do with how much we hate side cutouts. They’re not conducive to this kind of pose if you’re wearing a bra, it would seem.






[Photo Credit: AnnaSophia Robb/Instagram, Gabrielle Union-Wade/Instagram, Katy Perry/Instagram, Keke Palmer/Instagram, Wayman + Micah/Instagram, Nicole Chavez, Instagrama, NBC]

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