VMA Awards 2020: Bebe Rexha Brings Back a Red Carpet Trend We’re Not Prepared For

Posted on September 01, 2020

We’ve always taken a “bless her heart” tone when discussing Miss Bebe’s style choices. She does have a tendency to go for the tackiest looks possible – although that’s honestly no crime. We hold pop stars to a different standard than we would film or TV stars, largely because their work is geared toward the younger end of the demographic scale and because there’s an expectation that they should value trendiness and showmanship over chicness or elegance. To be fair, this blazer dress (because it’s way too short to be a coat dress) is perfectly fine. But it’s what she paired it with that warrants discussing. Brace yourself, because according to all the fashion mags and fashion sites we read, this much-maligned item is coming back in style.



We didn’t predict that we’d be seeing bike shorts making a return to the red carpet after decades away, but in retrospect, it seems like a perfectly 2020 sort of thing to happen. We’ll tell you what – and you may want to brace yourself again for what we’re about to say – we honestly don’t mind them here. The dress is obviously too short and because it’s black and has so much volume and frippery hanging off it, something sleek and unobtrusive is the best way to go for the bottom. Formal shorts wouldn’t have worked with the shape and a pencil skirt would’ve felt stale. We’re really not mad at it. We do, however, think a pair of boots or booties were called for here.


Style Credits:
Lionne ‘Makeda’ Faux Leather Blazer Dress
Alexa Kelley Jewelry

Styled by Kendy | Hair by Iggy Rosales | Makeup by Samuel | Nails by Soji


[Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/MTV VMAs 2020, MTV, lionneclothing.com, Lionne/Instagram]

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