WERQ From Home: Jennifer Lopez in Balmain x Puma

Posted on September 28, 2020


Miss Jenny has apparently had her fill of being cooped up. A diva needs to serve up diva moments on the regular, lest her diva powers wane and fade away. Or something. All we know is that Miss Woman put on some high fashion and posed for the camera, which is all we really need to know.



Well. It’s a look alright. Given the aforementioned diva powers, it’s perhaps not a surprise that she’s making this largely unworkable ensemble work for her. We refer you to the professional clothes-wearer who didn’t manage it nearly as well for the brand’s look book:



Granted, this probably isn’t the kind of outfit one should wear under bright, clinical lighting.



To be fair, the pants are a lot of fun and we can see a bunch of different ways they could be styled and items they could be paired with. Had anyone asked us ahead of time, we would not have advised wearing the whole outfit. Not only is the top kind of dumb, but the fact that the reds don’t match is making our eyelids twitch furiously. Still, we are grateful for the effort, J Lo.


Style Credits:
Balmain x Puma Black and Red Rhinestone-embellished Asymmetrical Crop Top and Red Sequined-embellished Wide-legged Sweatpants

Styled by Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn | Hair by Chris Appleton | Makeup by Scott Barnes | Nails by Tom Bachik


[Photo Credit: Jennifer Lopez/Instagram, balmain.com]

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