Ruby Rose for Shape Magazine

Posted on August 17, 2020

When Ruby Rose isn’t starring as superhero like Batwoman on TV, she’s launching into action to help others. For SHAPE’s September issue and their annual Women Run the World franchise, the model, actor, champion of youth mental health, and LGBTQ advocate talks about using rest time to power up for what’s next.





On why vulnerability is her superpower: “The strongest part of me isn’t my tattoos or shaved head or being outspoken or playing a superhero or being in action films. Vulnerability—that’s true strength. I know I need to be vulnerable if I’m getting defensive. I have to take a breath and say, Hold on. What is the fear? Is it that you want to be liked? Are you worried you’ll be taken the wrong way? When I determine what the fear is, I can come to the issue with love and an open mind and let the rest melt away.”

On why she’ll never stop giving back: “As a kid, people gave to help my mum and me survive, so we could have food on the table and she could go to university. I did volunteer work. I was in a church choir, and we would sing at nursing homes. Whether it’s working with [the LGBTQ advocacy group] GLAAD, teaching English in Laos, or building things in Kenya, I love to give back.”

On changing her workaholic outlook: “Having finished Batwoman, I want to spend time re-centering, growing, reflecting, and becoming stronger. I’m a workaholic. I needed to ask, What do I wanna do? I’ll go where I feel happy and nourished and purposeful.”


The September issue is now available for purchase.


[Photo Credit: Erez Sabag/Shape Magazine]

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