WERQ From Home: Cardi B in Natasha Zinko x Duo

Posted on August 17, 2020


Little Miss “WAP” honestly doesn’t need to step out in promo-wear to promote her latest because her latest is the talk of the town – and everywhere else, for that matter (including our latest podcast). But there’s a reason she’s a star and she knows a lady who’s got a single to sell is a lady who might want to put on some high-fashion and parade around for attention. Such is the game, kittens. And Miss Cardi knows it.



We’re not sure it’s working all that well from the back, but we love this dress from the front. It’s cute, colorful, sexy and a little witty. We’d like the back a lot more if the hem wasn’t hanging down so low. The bag is too matchy and on-the-nose for a so-called “real world” setting; which is to say that we probably wouldn’t like it much on a sidewalk sashay or talk show appearance. But these backyard modeling seshes are so oddly silly that we think the normal rules of fashion are suspended. Go ahead and get all matchy and costumey about it, we say. We’re just happy to have some celebrity style content.


Style Credits:
Natasha Zinko x Duo Bandana Mini Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection
Hermès‎ X Jay Ahr Bag
Stuart Weitzman Sandals

Styled by Kollin Carter


[Photo Credit: Cardi B/Instagram, Jay Ahr/Cardi B/Instagram, natashazinko.com]

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