Heidi Klum in Dries Van Noten on “America’s Got Talent”

Posted on August 12, 2020

The Kluminator is back. And by that we mean, back to wearing super-cray looks. The Heidster will always be the very first celebrity whose style choices we featured/critiqued. In fact, she was the only celeb who got the T Lo Bitchery treatment for the first several years of our blogging careers. Which means that we tend to have a much kinder heart about her choices than we would if someone else made them. What can we say? Heidi helped put us on the map with her short, tight and shiny preferences and we’ll always love her a little for that (even though she almost threw us out of the first Project Runway finale we attended because we were sitting in some German fashion journalists’ seats). Even so, we feel like we need to prepare you all before you scroll down. This is all going to get much worse.


We warned you! Didn’t we warn you? Don’t blame us if your eyes hurt now.



The suit is kind of fun, although as much as we love bold, colorful prints, this one’s on the border of Tacky Town. Still, a tacky satin suit with enormous pants (something of a trend with celebrity game show hostesses this week) on Heidi Klum wouldn’t bother us at all. A tacky satin  suit with an even tackier leopard print bra, however, is a bridge too far for us. Sorry, Heidster.









Style Credits:
Dries Van Noten Double-breasted Floral-print Satin Blazer and Floral-print Satin Wide-leg Pants from the Spring 2020 Collection

Styled by Rob Zangardi + Mariel Haenn


[Photo Credit: Chris Haston/NBC, net-a-porter.com – Video Credit: America’s Got Talent]

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