Bella Hadid Covers ELLE’s August Issue

Posted on August 03, 2020

Bella Hadid covers ELLE’s August issue, shot with an iPhone 11 by her sister, Gigi, at their family farm in Pennsylvania. Bella reflects on the importance of using her platform for good and speaking up for what matters, the change needed in the fashion industry in terms of diversity and inclusion and the future of Fashion Week.



On the importance of using her platform for good: “I have so much responsibility to use my platform for good, especially as I get older. I want young girls and boys to know that it is okay to use your voice and demand justice for what is important to you. Horrible tragedies happen worldwide on a daily basis, and I have a responsibility to speak up for the people who are not being heard or don’t have a platform. One post can educate a lot of people, and most of the time, what I write resonates with my followers and they realize that they are not alone. If I am passionate about something, I will talk about it, and talk and talk and talk. For me, it’s not about losing followers or gaining followers, it’s about educating people and giving a platform to the voices that need to be heard.”

On where the fashion industry needs to change in terms of diversity and inclusion: “Going into the next season, my fear is having to see another one of my Black girlfriends get her hair burned by a hair straightener, or do her own makeup because the makeup artist hasn’t been trained to work with all different skin types. I hate that some of my Black friends feel the way they do. Even if they’re sitting front row, they’re not feeling accepted. Our industry is supposed to be about expression and individuality, but the reality is that [many people] still discriminate because of exactly [those differences].”

On the future of Fashion Week after COVID-19: “Moving into the next season, I hope we can find a proactive way to move forward in a safe, healthy way. I think that our sets will be smaller and more intimate, which will be nice for a change. We’ll also need to be aware of not using the same makeup brushes at shows, and implement many other health regulations to keep people safe. There is a lot to learn and a lot to do, but I feel with the right people, fashion can change everything.”

On doing her first remote photo shoot with Jacquemus during quarantine: “I love both [designer] Simon [Porte Jacquemus] and [photographer] Pierre- Ange [Carlotti]. It turned out great. It was the first online shoot I had done, so I was still trying to figure out the logistics behind the scenes. They are two of my favorite people to work with, and it doesn’t really feel like work when we do! We just FaceTimed, laughed, took screenshots, I changed outfits a few times, and then we were done!”



[Photo Credit: Bella Hadid/ELLE Magazine]

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