Lizzo in Mônot at the 2020 BET Awards: IN or OUT?

Posted on June 30, 2020

Kittens, we cannot even tell you how excited we got when we realized we have some brand new celebrity fashion to put up to a vote. It’s been so long since we’ve had a reason to post an “IN or OUT” post that we admit, we got more than a little giddy at the thought. And in the interest of fully transparent blogging, we’re doing so because we’re passing the buck. Look, no one’s happier to see celebrities putting on lewks and turning to face the camera than us, but …





That doesn’t mean we can love every single look that comes down the line. The basic – and we do mean basic – dress is fine. Fits great, looks good on camera, with a neckline that allows her to highlight the killer hair, good makeup and gorgeous earrings she’s sporting. But that ruffle is just not doing it for us at all. We hate to say it, but Lizzo looks like she got TP’d. It looks okay for a second, but as soon as she moves in it, the ruffle becomes distracting and … unruffled, if that makes any sense. But we don’t want to be horrible today! You do it:

Lizzo’s Big Vertical Ruffle:

IN or OUT?

Oh, it feels so good to type and format those words again! Let’s all savor the moment.

Okay, moment’s over. Now judge. Tell us we’re wrong and the ruffle is good! We will believe you.



Style Credits:
– Custom Mônot Black and White Dress
Natalie Millss ‘Eyana Eternity’ Earrings

Styled by Mark Monroe | Hair by Shelbeniece Swain | Makeup by Ernesto Casillas


[Photo Credit: Courtesy of BET, Lizzo/Instagram]

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