Virtual Book Tour: T Lo at Google!

Posted on April 24, 2020


Darlings we are so thrilled that this video finally dropped. Being invited to give a talk at Google headquarters in Cambridge was a tremendous thrill for us and if we can’t have the book tour we planned on having (we’d be in Chicago right now, planning for tonight’s appearance at the University of Chicago, long-ago cancelled), we have to acknowledge how lucky we were to get in a few well-documented appearances. There are now about four hours of book tour material between the videotaping and podcasting of the few events we managed before lockdown. And while we’re very grateful for the Philadelphia Library, Housing Works and WBUR appearances, this final appearance at Google was the moment we felt like we were hitting our stride on this tour. And then it ended. Ah, well.

Special thanks must be paid to Google’s Suzie Flynn, who not only invited us, but led a very intensive talk and interview based on her clearly close reading of the book. She even put together a music playlist (which you can’t hear on the video) of all the songs and artists mentioned in the book. It was incredibly touching to have someone pay so much attention to our work in order to highlight it in the best possible way. And her Peggy Olson shirt (worn in our honor) was kickass.

Come for Tom’s Crystal LaBeija impersonation, stay for the intense discussion on queer life and history:




And by all means, click on the Virtual Book Tour tag (or this link) to get the full T Lo EXPERIENCE.

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