Jodie Comer Wears Two Absolutely KILLER Dresses on “Killing Eve”

Posted on April 20, 2020

Lorenzo’s playing catch-up and Tom dropped out of Killing Eve midway through the last season, so this isn’t a review or costume analysis; just an appreciation of two fantastic dresses as worn by series co-lead Jodie Comer in last night’s episode, “Management Sucks.”





The Vampire’s Wife ‘The Villanelle Dress’
‘The Villanelle Dress’ features a slender fitting bodice, defined waist and a delicately gathered hem panel falling to mid ankle length. Full length voluminous sleeves with buttoned cuffs.


Bitter Kittens who hang on our every word know for a fact that we are NOT in habit of praising any output from The Vampire’s Wife. It’s just not an aesthetic that appeals to us in the general sense. And yet this dress looks absolutely fantastic on her. The colors are gorgeous (which helps a lot) and the frippery that the brand is known for has been toned down quite a bit here. It still has that prairie-wife feel to it, but stripped of any of the juvenile undertones the brand sometimes falls back on. Love the pattern-mixing, which keeps the design a little fresh.




La DoubleJ ‘Ruote Gialle’ Cotton Dress
This pattern hails from the archives of Zurich-based Abraham silk, the manufacturers behind Dior’s New Look collection florals that infused Europe with a blast of color after WWII.


What a fun, character-defining, and memorable-as-hell look. Costume design is sometimes about styling a character with contemporary high-label fashion if that’s who the character is, as opposed to designing costumes from the ground up. It takes a good eye, not just in the sense of being trendy and fashionable (which both of these looks are), but in the sense of being absolutely true to the character and how she sees herself. Villanelle has always been presented as someone very aware of how to use clothing to convey mood, meaning, and message. Season 3 costume designer Sam Perry clearly has a handle on her from both a style and a storytelling perspective. These looks are both as memorable and iconic as any stylish film costume.

And that bag is a total knockout.


Style Credits:
First Look: The Vampire’s Wife ‘The Villanelle Dress’ Dress | Dragon ‘Sophie’ Basket Bag | Yuul Yie ‘Vera’ Sling Back Heeled Sandal
Second Look: La DoubleJ ‘Ruote Gialle’ Cotton Dress | Dragon ‘Sophie’ Basket Bag | Golden Goose ‘Wish Star’ Leather Knee-high Boot


[Photo Credit: Des Willie/BBCA,,,,,,]

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