“Legendary Children” Press and Review Updates

Posted on March 17, 2020


As always, to our regular readers, our beloved Bitter Kittens, we humbly ask you to suffer through these self-aggrandizing posts as we relentlessly publicize our book. Hey a couple hard-workin’ bitches gotta do what they gotta do, you know? And it’s extremely gratifying to see this sort of press in the midst of the worst pandemic in decades. In fact, that’s exactly what Vanity Fair honed in on in their piece on us:

If things had gone according to plan, Tom Fitzgerald and Lorenzo Marquez would be on their way to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania right about now. The fashion writers behind their eponymous website, Tom + Lorenzo, had spent a year planning a book tour for Legendary Children, their new book that pairs analysis of RuPaul’s Drag Race with queer history. The book was published March 3, and they managed to get in three stops on the tour before the cancellations started. A visit to the Saints and Sinners Literary Festival in New Orleans, a talk at the University of Chicago, a stint as bartenders on Watch What Happens Live: all of that will have to wait.

It killed us to have to let go of appearances at a major university and a major queer literary festival, both of which represented huge dreams and affirmations for us, but we suspect the little tidbit about Watch What Happens Live is what everyone wants to hear about. Well, it’s true. We were scheduled to stand behind Andy’s bar for a taping of the show some time later this month, which would have represented a hilarious turn of events, for two queens who started off blogging Project Runway recaps, which caught Andy’s eye at the time and resulted in Bravo giving us our first serious attention.


We were also working on plans for Drag Con LA. And Las Vegas. All gone.

Double sigh.

But like we said, we’re extremely lucky and grateful that we continue to get press most authors would kill for (like a freaking Vanity Fair profile, people!), and reviews like this one, from Allison Shoemaker at the AV Club:

The sharp, smart playfulness of that single line encapsulates the tremendous appeal of Legendary Children: great seriousness of purpose set off by a mischievous, even lascivious wink. Using Drag Race as a framework to explore many, many corners of LGBTQ+ life is something of a stroke of genius, making this an excellent piece of TV criticism as well as an exploration of history. But honestly, even if you’re just in it for the odd dirty joke, you’ll walk away satisfied. 

As we said, it’s disappointing to let go of that absolute dream of a tour schedule, but we are so thankful for the support our book continues to get and SO UNBELIEVABLY RELIEVED that it’s getting such an amazingly positive reception.

Also: you should totally buy it! It sounds amazing!


The picture’s three years old. Our beards are much more magnificent now.

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