BAFTAs 2020 Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on February 04, 2020

Okay kittens, we’ve milked this one enough. Let’s get all these folks as judged as possible by the time we get to the end of this post. Ready? GO:



Daisy Ridley in Oscar de la Renta

For everything going on here – and there’s a lot – there’s very little payoff. It’s just not dramatic or head-turning or even sexy. A whole lot of nothing.



Emilia Clarke in Schiaparelli Couture

This, on the other hand, is a black gown that pays off for the wearer. The bodice looks a bit too much like a swimsuit to us, but the shape and the beading are looking great on her.



Greta Gerwig in Gucci

Great color, shape and textile. Terrible straps.



Jack Lowden in Giorgio Armani

He’s dead perfect for the ’40s-inspired suit details (and really needs to snag that Cagney biopic before he ages out of it), but someone please tell him to get his hands out of his pockets.



Jessie Buckley in Miu Miu

Way too much dress and not enough hair to go with it. She looks oddly unbalanced.



Kaitlyn Dever in Miu Miu

Generic, forgettable, and way too reminiscent of powder room decor.



Naomi Ackie in Valentino

Can’t argue with that.



Naomie Harris in Michael Kors Collection

She had us until we got to the fringed slit.

Look, we’re just describing what we’re seeing. Blame Kors for it.



Olivia Colman in Alexander McQueen

WOW. She looks great in this! She needs to work those regal sorts of high-fashion looks more often. McQueen is a good choice for her.



Rebel Wilson in Prabal Gurung

Simple, but pretty spectacular.



Rooney Mara in Givenchy Couture

She’s giving us Audreybot and while we’re long past tired of it, she looks rather happy and pleased with herself so we’re happy for her. To be fair, that dress is kind of interesting.



Taika Waititi

We agree, Taika. You do look great.



Taron Egerton in Giorgio Armani

We’re not loving the trend of velvet tux jackets in rich colors paired with more or less standard formal black dress pants. There’s something a little prom-y about it. Great color for him, though.



Vanessa Kirby in Valentino

Why do all the dresses look like bathing suits with skirts tonight? Love the skirt, hate the belt.



Zoë Kravitz in Saint Laurent

BOW DOWN. This is freaking stunning.





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