Salma Hayek, Rose Byrne and Tiffany Haddish at the “Like a Boss” World Premiere

Posted on January 09, 2020

Respect to these women. That is one exquisitely coordinated cast on the red carpet.




They all look like they’re on the same team, at the same event for the same reasons, and they each look distinct to themselves. See the belts and the touches of satin? Notice how each of them could lend one piece of jewelry to the other and they would all still look perfectly well styled? Notice how each of them framed their face with their hair in a different way?


Salma Hayek in Saint Laurent

That is quite simply the best Salma Hayek has looked on a red carpet in years. And her husband basically owns half of fashion. Miss Lady, you could look like this all the time if you wanted to. It’s flawless, right down to her fingers.




Rose Byrne in Alexis Mabille Couture

This, on the other hand, has some issues. The dress is great until you get to that droopy-looking hem. Our distaste for asymmetrical hems aside, it just doesn’t look like it belongs with a dress that has such a crisply executed top half. You can’t be Charlotte York Goldenblatt from the knees up and Stevie Nicks from the knees down. It just doesn’t work. The green accessories were a bold choice, but those shoes are heinous. Love the ring and the bag, though.



Tiffany Haddish in Sergio Hudson

Why Miss Tiffany, look at you all “prestige movie star” for a film where you throw up on someone at least once. Bitchiness aside, this really is a well-executed serving of classic elegance. Nothing is new here but everything is on point and looks great on her. As we always say (Okay, maybe not “always,” but often. Occasionally. Once in a wh–look, we’re sure we said it one time, okay?), if you’re going to wear a black dress on the red carpet, make sure it’s an interesting one. That usually means an eye-catching silhouette and at least one focus-pulling detail. In other words, it’s the sleeves and belt that make this one.






Are we wrong for laughing at least three times through that? Is it so bad to have a really dumb lady comedy come out every now and then?



[Photo Credit: Janet Mayer/ – Video Credit: Paramount Pictures via]

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