Netflix’s “AJ and The Queen” Premiere

Posted on January 10, 2020

RuPaul truly is magical. There’s no other way to explain how he achieved the impossible: Getting over a dozen drag queens to wear the same wig and the same color. That’s like getting over a dozen cats to perform a synchronized swimming routine.


Bob The Drag Queen

There’s always gotta be that one bitch, though. It’s not our place to tell a queen when she should and shouldn’t do drag. None of them are getting paid to be here, so there’s a decent argument to be made that giving away your livelihood for free isn’t in your best interests. Of course there’s the flip side of that, which suggests that putting your drag out there for free on a red carpet is a great promotional tool. Like we said, it’s not our place to tell a queen how to do her job. We do think Mr. “Purse First” could’ve sported a better bag than that.



We don’t get it. Shangela’s usually so on-point with her branding. We can understand Shangela and Bob wanting to establish a non-drag performing identity, since they’ve each had some mainstream acting success, but they’re both a lot more recognizable in their drag personae. This isn’t awful and it owes a lot to Hector Xtravanza’s iconic ballgown tuxedo, which Billy Porter and Christian Siriano paid homage to at last year’s Oscars. But why stand there with your Shangela Funko doll when you don’t look anything like her?




We’re not always fond of Ru’s preference for suit cuts, which tend to emphasize his legs but shorten and broaden his torso. He’s been going through a hat phase lately and we can’t say we’re fond of that either.


Michelle Visage


Ross Mathews

Team players par excellence.

There is no point in judging drag by red carpet standards, so we’re just gonna skip lightly past and enjoy the show.


Eureka O’Hara


Jaymes Manfield


Langaja Estranja


Latrice Royale and Ginger Minj


Mariah Paris Balenciaga


Pandora Boxx


Silky Nutmeg Ganache


Trinity The Tuck



Judging it on purely drag terms, we think Latrice is clearly the best in show here.




[Photo Credit: Sara De Boer/ – Video Credit: Netflix via]

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