Golden Globes 2020: Taylor Swift in Etro

Posted on January 07, 2020

Miss Tay said “Fuck the haters.” The preceding sentence is evergreen and can be used to open practically any post about Taylor Swift. Even so, after a brutal month of reviews and memes poking fun at Cats, it couldn’t have been easy for her to step out on one of the biggest acting-award nights of the year. To her credit, she picked something bold and unforgettable and stepped out there with her head held high.


What we love here is not just that she chose a floral for a night when almost no one does, but she chose a huge-scale floral in eye-searing colors. This could have gone so wrong, so wallpaper-y if all the elements weren’t in perfect balance. The colors look amazing on her and the print ensures you can’t dismiss her or pass over her. Having said all that, we realize we’re reacting way more to the skirt than the dress overall. When we really look at that bodice, the design starts falling apart for us. The straps are spaced bathing-suit wide, the bust isn’t fitted to her at all and the cutout does nothing for the design. It’s a gorgeous first-impressions gown, but the longer you look at it, the less you like it. And this is very nitpicky, but the earrings clash a little.




Style Credits:
Etro Navy Silk Jacquard Floral Print Ball Gown with Keyhole Cutout
Lorraine Schwartz Black Opal and Sapphire Earrings and Yellow Diamond, Black Opal and Sapphire Rings
Christian Louboutin Navy Satin Sandal

Styled by Joseph Cassell Falconer


[Photo Credit: Lionel Hahn/ABACA/, Sara De Boer/]


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