“Frozen 2” Los Angeles Premiere Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on November 08, 2019

Kittens, the stars of Frozen 2: More Frozener came out in their very best winter sparkle – most of them, anyway – to promote the highly anticipated film during its world premiere. Let’s zoom in close and rate how they did!



Evan Rachel Wood in Oscar de la Renta

At another time, on another wearer, we might ding the sheer skirt, the stiff shape, or the champagne color, but it’s just right for this premiere without lapsing into costume. There’s shimmer and sparkle and drama, but it still feels high fashion and just right for her.




Idina Menzel in Galvan

You can’t fault a lady for keeping it simple if the results are this good. We love a slinky white sequined gown with lots of diamond and sparkly accessories. It suits her amazingly well and it is, of course, entirely on point. We don’t know what all that bumpiness is around the armholes, but we suspect it’s a case of some unruly sequins. That’s why every celebrity should employ their own smoother and dewrinkler.




Kristen Bell in Dior

A style swerve! You all expected snow and ice and wintertime sparkle but girlfriend is out here serving you MUD. Oof. We sort of get it as a way to define her role apart from the ice-slinger in the story, but it seems like a really weird, kind of drab sort of choice for her. Earthier tones and golds make some sense, but we would have told her to add some deep greens and/or reds to keep it from looking so dreary.




Sterling K. Brown in Luigi Bianchi

He’s serving us snowflakes and an ice-blue suit, which all look great on him. We don’t think the black shoes work and we’d have probably advised something brown, red or blue in the shoe department.





[Photo Credit: PRPhotos.com]

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