2019 CMA Awards: Halsey in Nedo: IN or OUT?

Posted on November 14, 2019

Given her red carpet history, there’s a pretty good argument that this level of formality and elegance (…?) deserves an automatic response of positive reinforcement, but we just don’t know, you guys…


Is this pretty? We’re legitimately asking, largely because we’re really tired of oversized rose florals on black backgrounds. Something about it looks exceedingly dated and out of step to us, but the fact remains that this style of print never really goes away. Not for any notable length of time, anyway. Then there’s that crazily ruched Project Runway “If I do the very most, maybe the judges will be impressed and I’ll be safe this week” bodice. It just seems to come out of nowhere, doesn’t it? And there are lace sleeves. And a big matching print belt when we think a plain black or even pale pink one might have been the better choice. Are we being nitpicky? To return to our original question: Is this pretty? Or to return to an age-old question:


Halsey’s Big Country Roses:

IN or OUT?







Style Credits:
Nedo by Nedret Taciroglu Floral Print Off-the-shoulder Dress from the Spring 2020 Collection
Le Vian Floral Pink Sapphire Earrings
Kallati Pink Sapphire Diamond Ring
Misahara Plima Pink Tourmaline Ring

Styled by Zoe Costello

[Photo Credit: Laura Farr/Media Punch/Instarimages.com, ABC/Image Group LA, Courtesy of Nedo]

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