Sussex Royal Tour: Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Visit the Tembisa Township

Posted on October 02, 2019

So. There’s been some drama since last we spoke.

Scowlin’ Prince Harry let the press have it with both royal barrels yesterday, in a statement excoriating them for their treatment of his wife and comparing that treatment with the press frenzy that eventually wound up playing a part in his mother Princess Diana’s death. He also announced that the couple are suing the Daily Mail for publishing Meghan’s letter to her father last year with, according to the Sussexes, significant edits.

Today they dressed as blandly as possible:



Aw, we’re just teasing you two little troublemakers. Look at you, getting sassy in everything but your sense of style!

For serious: We are by no means royal experts but we are pretty savvy about press and public relations and we don’t think this stance they’re taking is the best course of action. While he’s largely correct about the press treatment and has every right to call it out, we think the invoking of his mother and the lawsuit have a lot of potential for backlash, from both the press and the public. As he noted, this tour has resulted in a lot of good press and highly positive public feedback. Of course there’s no reason to believe that more mistreatment isn’t coming from the press eventually, it’s a bit weird to attack them at exactly the time you’re riding a wave of good press. There’s a sense that these two are pushing against the restrictions of their roles just a little too quickly sometimes. You’ve gotta pace yourselves.

In other news, she is continuing her quest to downplay or eliminate any style discussion surrounding her role. This isn’t a terrible dress, just one that looks all too colorlessly familiar. If anything, it’s more chic and stylish than Harry’s high school teacher drag.



Style Credits:
Madewell Red Stone & Tassel Earrings
Jennifer Meyer Turquoise Marquise Ring
Stuart Weitzman ‘Legend’ Suede Pump


[Photo Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Images/]

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