Louis Vuitton Fashion Show Red Carpet Rundown

Posted on October 02, 2019

Kittens, the stars came out in support of Louis Vuitton, if not luxury goods in general, and once again we find ourselves delighted by the ridiculous things they can be talked into wearing just for a front-row ticket.




Alicia Vikander

Of course Miss Alicia has a real knack for blandness in her style, which has seemingly served her well in her time as LV brand ambassador because somehow, she manages to find the most boring stuff in the pule to wear. To be fair, this is pretty chic, if underwhelming.




Chloë Moretz

This, on the other hand, is insane. All credit to her: she’s working the shit out of it. She almost had us talked into praising the top half, but that bottom half is just too painful.




Cody Fern

We probably should make more of an objection to the idea of a white lace turtleneck, but if there’s anyone who can make it work, it’s him. Unforch, the rest of the pieces combine to make him look like a cult leader on the day of his mass wedding.




Indya Moore

This is a real surprise, not only because they usually wear much edgier stuff than this, but also because they somehow managed to snag something so conventional.




Jennifer Connelly


This icy stare of judgment is meant to dazzle and distract you into accepting whatever insane she’s wearing at the moment. It’s working on us.



Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

They look utterly terrified. It’s okay, you two. We’ll get you into something bland as soon as this is all over.




Justin Theroux

When are we allowed to start talking about how much makeup, product, and dye this man sports on his head?






[Photo Credit: Jerome Domine/Abaca/Instarimages.Com]

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