Style File: Rita Ora Cycles Through a Couple More

Posted on October 02, 2019

The Queen of Celebrity Cosplay is at it again, unveiling her new “Kesha” and “J Lo” looks to a baffled public.



Rita Ora Celebrates the Arrival of Westfield in Sweden

We’re sorry. We think she’s talented and we’ve liked her in several interviews, but it’s really hard to look at all her constant persona-shifting and not come away thinking “This lady doesn’t know herself.” But whatevs. We don’t know her. We just know what we see every time she steps out in public: someone who really needs to obscure and change her look as much as possible each time.



Rita Ora at the Miu Miu Fashion Show

And if she was unveiling new and unique personae each time she did it, or they felt like true expressions of whatever she’s feeling as an artist, we’d be a lot less cranky about it. But she routinely steps out in looks that seem designed to remind you of other famous women. And since these looks more often than not tend to be of the mega-cray variety (see examples above), it all feels obviously and openly attention-seeking while also promoting the idea that she’s not very original. We’re not saying she is those things; we’re saying she’s projecting those things with her style choices.

Miss Rita, find yourself.




[Photo Credit: Claudio Bresciani/PA Images/, ABACA/]

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