Zoey Deutch, Ben Platt, Laura Dreyfuss and Lucy Boynton at “The Politician” Premiere

Posted on September 17, 2019

Kittens, prepare to be assaulted! Is that a commentary on this series or a commentary on the very loud clothes on display? Time will tell, but we’ll give you a little hint: It’s both! Ryan Murphy’s upcoming latest jawn will in fact assault you verbally and visually. As for these ensembles, they only manage the latter, thankfully. We don’t need fashion to be verbal.



Because if these clothes could talk, they’d be in the middle of a massive argument.



Zoey Deutch in Alexander McQueen

Which isn’t say we don’t like these individual outfits (some more than others, to be sure). For instance, we’d rate Miss Zooey’s our favorite of the bunch by far. It takes a lot of work to pull off a big leather coat dress – in fact, we’re not sure she didn’t just take a coat and slap a couple of belts on it. But this all looks very eye-catching and well-suited to her. If there’s any complaint, it’s that the styling is a bit aggressive. We’d have rec’d just one belt and a less focus-pulling pair of earrings. With the pink eye makeup and the heavy necklace, she doesn’t need them. Love the shoes.



Ben Platt in Bally

Um… okay? He’s clearly going for a look here but we’ll be damned if we can figure out what it is. The check plaids aren’t far enough apart in scale or color to be work together and the white shirt feels like a missed attempt to tie them together a bit. Also the sleeves are too short and his grooming leaves a bit to be desired.



Laura Dreyfuss in Jill Stuart

We have a dislike of big florals on black backgrounds. It never stops looking a little chintzy to us. If this had been some really eye-catching floral in unusual colors, we might’ve been charmed by it, but pink and yellow on a black background is both boring and a little harsh at the same time.



Lucy Boynton in Valentino

Very “her” and very Valentino. She can pull off the colors and the style definitely suits her, but we’re waiting for her to get out of her doll phase and we think the various colored laces come off like a creeping fungus, which is so very not fabulous. It’s an okay look; just one we’ve seen a bit too many times.









Style Credits:
Zoey Deutch: Alexander McQueen Leather Coat Dress with Belt from the Fall 2019 Collection
Styled by Elizabeth Stewart

Ben Platt: Bally Ensemble from the Spring 2019 Collection
Styled by Jason Rembert

Laura Dreyfuss: Jill Stuart Floral Dress from the Fall 2019 Collection

Lucy Boynton: Valentino Floral Dress from the Resort 2020 Collection
Styled by Leith Clark

[Photo Credit: Isabel Infantes/Pa Images/Instarimages.com – Video Credit: Netflix via YouTube.com]

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